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Connection-ready Distribution Blocks with Push-in Technology

Use the new PTFIX distribution blocks straight away without manual bridging to achieve time savings of up to 80 percent. PTFIX distribution blocks with Push-in connection come ready to connect with different numbers of positions and mounting options. They can be used straight away and expanded as needed. PTFIX thus helps to ensure a flexible […]


The new CFP Cubic From SICK

Simply connect and measure – level sensor with added value The CFP Cubic is a capacitive level sensor for taking continuous level, limit, and simultaneous temperature measurements. Thanks to intelligent MCiM technology (multi-capacitive intra-probe measuring), the CFP Cubic measures media over the entire length of the probe – irrespective of the container material and without […]


Turn a programmable encoder into a linear measurement solution

For many linear measurement applications, our line of Tru-Trac™ encoders are a great option. Occasionally, though, there is a linear measurement application that requires something our Tru-Trac™ encoders don’t offer. Maybe you need absolute feedback. Maybe you need especially high resolution. Maybe you need the encoder to be programmable. If your application calls for any of those […]


The Ultimate Solution to Stepper Motion Controls

NEW line of stepper motion control products IDEC Corporation introduces a line of motion control stepper products in conjunction with Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), an established developer of motion control systems. This AMCI by IDEC product line includes controllers, stepper motors, an integrated controller/drive, an integrated drive/stepper motor, and an integrated controller/drive/stepper motor. When […]


New from Encoder Products RX/TXD

Are you familiar with the RX/TXD? This all-in-one device can modify, split, or repeat an encoder’s signal — and even test and verify that signal. If you’re new to the RX/TXD, it’s a pretty impressive accessory: Can be configured as a level changer, signal converter, line repeater, splitter, or tester. Splits one input signal into two or three outputs. […]


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