The New Ratchet P Clamp From HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton’s new Ratchet P Clamp’s patent-pending design makes it extremely versatile for managing wire harnesses and cables. Its rugged construction and specialized materials are perfect for heavy duty applications, indoors and out.


You close the one-piece adjustable clamp manually, exactly to the desired diameter. Audible clicks let you know that it’s secured. Releasing the bundle is simple and non-destructive – all you need is a small, flat head screwdriver.


Offered in four sizes and in several mounting configurations, the reusable design minimizes part inventory, speeds fastening and simplifies maintenance.


Old fashioned P clamps are difficult to position, can twist and pinch wires during installation, and complicate maintenance. They corrode or wear out over time. Plus, you often need to invest in an extensive inventory to have all the sizes and variations you need.


Engineered with both the application and the user in mind, Ratchet P Clamp offers:

  • Versatility – Secure hard lines, soft cable bundles ranging from ¼” to 2” wide
  • Ease of Use – Position, torque down, close by hand – that’s it!
  • Alignment – Center cables as the clamp closes
  • Durability – PA66 body and high grade steel mounting plate never wears out or corrodes


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