IMB Inductive Sensors: Tough on the outside – Smart on the inside

The IMB inductive sensor provides excellent performance in harsh environments such as outdoors and machine tooling.  With a stainless steel housing, IP 69K enclosure rating,  extended temperature range of -40…+100 ⁰C, and improved shock and vibration resistance, the IMB offers higher reliability and a longer life expectancy than the competition.  Additional features such as self-locking nuts, a visual installation aid, and IO-Link communication only separate the IMB further from the competition through easy and fast installation.


  • IP69K enclosure rating, extended temperature range, and stainless steel housing.
  • Visual installation aid.
  • Revolutionary self-locking nuts provided with the sensor.
  • Extended, highly precise sensing ranges enabled through the use of the latest SICK ASIC technology.


  • Reduced machine downtime thanks to longer sensor service life even in harsh working conditions.
  • Quick and easy installation saves time and ensures accuracy.
  • Long-term, stable mounting of the sensor with a cost savings since washers are no longer needed.
  • Less machine downtime due to more reliable and stable processes.