Introducing the new OD1000 Displacement Sensor From SICK

With its sensing range of up to 1 m and resolution down to 50 µm, the OD1000 displacement measurement sensor sets new standards in precise distance measurement. Its high performance data ensures a smooth production process and allows a high level of productivity in a wide range of applications, almost regardless of the surface quality, colour, or object structure. The clear OLED display with four operating keys simplifies commissioning and optimizes the machine availability. As a standalone device with integrated evaluation, IO-Link interface, and additional functions, the OD1000 simplifies machine integration, saves additional evaluation effort, and paves the way for sustainable production.

Typical Applications:

▸Diameter check on spools or coils for unwinding tasks
▸Board and rough edge measurement in the timber industry
▸Precise positioning tasks in robotic, handling, and mounting processes
▸Detection of jumps in the edge height for counting tasks
▸Double layer detection in metal and paper processing
▸Level and empty bay detection for intralogistics applications

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