New from Encoder Products RX/TXD

Are you familiar with the RX/TXD? This all-in-one device can modify, split, or repeat an encoder’s signal — and even test and verify that signal.

If you’re new to the RX/TXD, it’s a pretty impressive accessory:

  • Can be configured as a level changer, signal converter, line repeater, splitter, or tester.
  • Splits one input signal into two or three outputs.
  • Has LED indicators for encoder power and signal presence.
  • Accommodates a variety of digital signal types (RS422, NPN, PNP, TTL, etc.) and voltages (5VDC or 5-24VDC) as both input and output options, allowing for use with all EPC encoders.
  • Is compact and lightweight. The DIN Rail mountable PC/ABS housing makes for easy and versatile installation.
  • Is easy to use. All connections can be made via easily accessible screw terminals to a detachable 17-pin connector.

Get more information on when to use the RX/TXD, and exactly how it works as a converter, splitter, repeater, and tester/verifier.