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DC/AC inverter for the DIN rail

The new QUINT4 inverter provides 120 V & 230 V AC power from 24 V DC grids. Choose between single or parallel operation to create a redundant or 3phase AC network. Learn More Power supplies and UPS [E-Paper]

New From IDEC! The HG1P Series Hand-Held HMI

A unique handheld HMI with added features like a hardwired E-stop button, selector switch and enabling switch help users maximize productivity and minimize downtime while delivering dependable safety for any machine. At only 500g and with contoured hand grips, a hand strap and a wall hanging bracket, the HG1P series of operator interface handheld models […]

SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1: Body Temperature Detection Network Camera

Features: The Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera is integrated with thermal imaging, temperature measuring, visible fusion and core image intelligent analysis. It offers a unique double registration mechanism, visible light and thermal imaging which reflects the same scene. The Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera has high precision and operates at less than 0.3 ℃ and […]

PAR-P2TEMPTABLET: 2MP HD Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal

Features: 8 inch LCD screen. Supports IR high-accuracy body temperature measurement and non-contact screening. Capable of reading temperatures when face masks are in use. It will trigger a voice alarm when no masks are present and when body temperatures are abnormal/normal. Deep learning algorithm for high face recognition accuracy rate. Supports 1:N recognition mode (multiple […]

[New In-Sight D900] Deep learning: From academic theory to factory floor reality

The new In-Sight D900 deep learning vision system gives non-programmers access to the transformative power of AI. Running In-Sight ViDi software, the D900 solves your most challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications without the need for a PC. Combining power, accessibility and ease of use, the In-Sight D900 inspects the previously uninspectable, ensuring: […]

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