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SEC-BODYTEMPCAM1: Body Temperature Detection Network Camera

Features: The Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera is integrated with thermal imaging, temperature measuring, visible fusion and core image intelligent analysis. It offers a unique double registration mechanism, visible light and thermal imaging which reflects the same scene. The Body Temperature Measurement Network Camera has high precision and operates at less than 0.3 ℃ and […]

PAR-P2TEMPTABLET: 2MP HD Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal

Features: 8 inch LCD screen. Supports IR high-accuracy body temperature measurement and non-contact screening. Capable of reading temperatures when face masks are in use. It will trigger a voice alarm when no masks are present and when body temperatures are abnormal/normal. Deep learning algorithm for high face recognition accuracy rate. Supports 1:N recognition mode (multiple […]

[New In-Sight D900] Deep learning: From academic theory to factory floor reality

The new In-Sight D900 deep learning vision system gives non-programmers access to the transformative power of AI. Running In-Sight ViDi software, the D900 solves your most challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications without the need for a PC. Combining power, accessibility and ease of use, the In-Sight D900 inspects the previously uninspectable, ensuring: […]

The world’s smallest safety laser scanner – highly precise and extremely robust

nanoScan3 is the smallest safety laser scanner from SICK. It is perfectly suited for the protection and localization of mobile platforms. Thanks to the reliable safeHDDM® scan technology, it delivers high-precision measurement data and is extremely resistant to light, dust or dirt. The easy operation of the Safety Designer configuration software and the smart integration options […]

New From SICK – MIS Magnet Coded ID

Identification sensor for reading magnetic-coded tags The MIS is a magnetic-coded identification sensor that is used to identify magnetic-coded tags. The MIS is used in conjunction with magnetic-coded tags and optionally a mounting bracket from SICK. The tag number can either be output via an analog voltage, a current output or via IO-Link. The analog […]

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