Next Generation ScopeMeter Fluke 120B Series

After 17 years of leading 20MHz and 40MHz hand-held industrial oscilloscope category, the Fluke 123, 124 and 125 ScopeMeter Test Tools will be replaced by the models 123B, 124B and 125B.

The compact ScopeMeter® 120B Series, is the rugged oscilloscope solution for industrial electrical and electromechanical equipment troubleshooting and maintenance applications. It’s a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and high-speed recorder in one easy-to-use instrument. The ScopeMeter 120B Series also integrates with Fluke Connect® mobile app and FlukeView® for ScopeMeter software to enable further collaboration, data analysis and archiving of critical test information. Key differentiated value proposition that make the task of using an oscilloscope that much easier. Display waveforms with Connect and View™ trigger and setup technology and automatically view related numerical measurements using Fluke IntellaSet™ technology, all without making manual measurement adjustments. With Recorder Event Detect capabilities, elusive intermittent events are captured and logged for easy viewing and analysis.

Product Highlights

  • Dual-input digital oscilloscope and multimeter
  • 40 MHz or 20 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • Two 5,000-count true-rms digital multimeters
  • Connect-and-View™ trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • IntellaSet™ technology automatically and intelligently adjusts numerical readout based on the measured signal
  • Dual-input waveform and meter reading recorder for trending data over extended periods
  • Recorder Event Detect captures elusive intermittent signals on repetitive waveforms up to 10 KHz
  • 123B, 20MHz Oscilloscope, Dual Input Multimeter and Recorder
  • 124B, 40 MHz Oscilloscope, Dual Input Multimeter and Recorder with Cursors
  • 125B, Adds Power and Harmonic Measurements and Industrial Bus Health Test

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