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All-in-one vision system solves 3D applications as easily as 2D vision Innovative system brings the power of 3D inspections to In-Sight The In-Sight 3D-L4000 is a breakthrough in three-dimensional (3D) vision technology. This unique vision system combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve […]

SIG200 IO-Link Master with EtherNet/IP

KEY FEATURES 4 IO-Link master ports (port class A) can be configured as digital I/O or IO-Link Easy configuration via USB or Ethernet connection thanks to intuitive SOPAS ET user interface DualTalk EtherNet/IPand REST API interfaces allow for industrial fieldbus and enterprise level communication in parallel Built in drag-and-drop logic editor and IODD interpreter to quickly create small sensor […]

ITC position switches with analog output

Analog switching modules have an analog output signal which is proportional to the actuating position. This useful in regulating speed with foot switches. In positions switches, the output signal depends on the adjustable switching position, which can be queried at any time. Depending on the application, an analog current output (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA) […]

IDEC’s ø22 Smart RFID Reader

The KW2D series smart RFID increases tracking, security, access levels, and productivity of applications. Built for easy integration into industrial systems, this RFID device lets OEM and end users implement secure equipment identification, access control, and traceability. The built-in Ethernet port that facilitates quick connectivity to host devices like PLCs and HMIs using Modbus TCP. […]

DC/AC inverter for the DIN rail

The new QUINT4 inverter provides 120 V & 230 V AC power from 24 V DC grids. Choose between single or parallel operation to create a redundant or 3phase AC network. Learn More Power supplies and UPS [E-Paper]

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