New From Phoenix Contact, Cable Guiding Systems

Do you want to easily route your pre-assembled cables to operator panels in the control cabinet door?

With the CGS cable guiding system we offer an innovative solution.

The swivel arm of the cable guiding system makes it particularly easy and safe to install your conductors, cables, and cable harnesses for the control cabinet door. This solution saves time, as the swivel joints can be opened and pre-assembled cables can be fed through or pulled through without using any tools.

Your Advantages:

  • Install pre-assembled conductors, cables, and cable harnesses easily, thanks to the patent-pending swivel joints
  • Subsequent wiring is quick and easy, thanks to swivel joint openings that can be operated without tools
  • Defined installation space and swivel range (180°) means that cable routing for the control cabinet door can be planned in a CA

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