The world’s smallest safety laser scanner – highly precise and extremely robust

nanoScan3 is the smallest safety laser scanner from SICK. It is perfectly suited for the protection and localization of mobile platforms. Thanks to the reliable safeHDDM® scan technology, it delivers high-precision measurement data and is extremely resistant to light, dust or dirt. The easy operation of the Safety Designer configuration software and the smart integration options of the nanoScan3 offer a high level of flexibility for any application while also saving time. The nanoScan3 therefore offers the highest level of performance and availability in a compact housing, thereby securing system productivity.


  • Range of protective field is up to 275 degrees& 3 meters
  • The most compact safety scanner: 101mm x 101mm x 80mm
  • 40 meters warning field range / measurement data range
  • Up to two pairs of OSSD safety outputs via discrete IO
  • Static / dynamic case switching via static IO / encoder inputs
  • safeHDDM technology applied as microScan3 series, achieving PL d
  • Up to 8 simultaneously monitored fields; up to 128 monitoring cases


  1. Save integration space yet maintaining performance for compact size AGV
  2. Cost effective alternative for stationary safety solution: horizontal / vertical guarding

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