Turn a programmable encoder into a linear measurement solution

For many linear measurement applications, our line of Tru-Trac™ encoders are a great option.

Occasionally, though, there is a linear measurement application that requires something our Tru-Trac™ encoders don’t offer. Maybe you need absolute feedback. Maybe you need especially high resolution. Maybe you need the encoder to be programmable.

If your application calls for any of those options, we have another solution: a bracket that turns a Size 25 shaft encoder into a linear measurement solution. It works with all our Size 25 encoders with 2.5″ flange mounts:

  • Get absolute feedback by using the bracket with the absolute Model MA63S. The Model MA63S offers multi-turn absolute feedback with resolution up to 14 bits Single Turn and 39 bits Multi-Turn in either SSI or CANopen output.
  • For applications requiring additional bearing load, the Model 725I features an extra-heavy-duty industrial housing.In addition to the rated bearing load of 80 lbs, the fully isolated encoder-within-an-encoder design provides an additional layer of protection by using an internal flexible mount and independent set of bearings to further protect the encoder from the effects of severe axial and radial shaft loading.
  • If you need resolutions beyond 10,000 CPR, the programmable Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro™ is your answer. The Model 25SP offers programmable resolutions from 1 to 65,536 CPR. As an added benefit, you can also program the output type, waveform, and index home position.

Two Options for the Bracket

Both types of bracket allow for convenient mounting of an encoder and measuring wheel over the surface being measured, and both allow the assembly to adjust pitch for variations in material height.

  • The Single Pivot Bracket is gravity loaded and uses the combined weight of the encoder, measuring wheel, and bracket to provide surface torsion.
  • The Spring Loaded Single Pivot Bracket uses a spring-loaded bracket, which provides an adjustable surface torsion, allowing the encoder and measuring wheel to be mounted in almost any orientation, even upside down.

Determine the Right Wheel Material for Your Application

Encoder Products Company offers measuring wheels in four different contact surfaces, all made of high grade aluminum alloy. Refer to Technical Bulletin TB-108: Encoders with Measuring Wheels for more information on how to choose the right material.